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Introduction Of Garage Door Motor

- May 31, 2017 -

Garage door motor Features:

1. luxurious, beautiful, generous design! Make people pleasing!

2. mute! Bring you a quiet world!

3. Strong power system! Ideal for double parking spaces for large garage doors! Motor motor, certified by European TUV, very durable and energy saving! All over the country's after-sales service network! Can provide high-quality technical support! Up to 3 years warranty! Let you completely eliminate the worries!

4. Motor shade and shell made of high-quality materials, so that the light produced by the opener soft, clear, the shell in the long-term use of the leaves will not break, deformation!

5. Through the international T & uuml; V strict certification, can effectively withstand a certain range of voltage fluctuations, the protection of motor circuit boards and motors, thus extending the service life! And energy saving! Particularly suitable for parts of China where unstable voltage often occurs!

6. Can be set free to set the automatic closing function! Take into account the details of your needs!

7. Power off the automatic memory function, no need to code again!

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