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How Does The Roller Door Motor Fail?

- May 31, 2017 -

How does the roller door motor fail?

The winding ground often occurs at the notch, the bottom of the groove, and the winding lead and the commutator. Most of which is due to the trench insulation rupture or the core stacking at some place to steer the winding to cause grounding. If the grounding point is clearly visible, the new insulation or adjustment at the grounding point pad causes the grounded core stack position, Can be. If you can not see the grounding point, you have to rewound the coil, or take emergency measures, that is, the ground wire lead from the film to remove the bandaged, the original then the coil of the two pieces of shorting, so that appropriate Reduce the rated power of the motor.

If the commutator is grounded and there is a clear ground, it is necessary to scrape off the ground and fill the insulation. If there is no obvious grounding point, it should be replaced.

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