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High Quality Velvet Curtains used electric stage curtains customized many colors for choice

- Dec 09, 2017 -

Product Description

Using 220V AC tubular motor with 50mm diameter round tube and customized reels. System can be opening and closing, stopping at will, motor has built-in wifi and 433 receive module, with the full electronic control system, can be used for many system linking-up. It’s the ideal choice for family, bars, restaurants, hotel lobby decoration and shading.

Description of curtain control system :
1. Close or open the curtain via smartphone APP
2. Manual induction function, easy to close or open
3. High quality motor, longer life time
4. 304 aluminum, high quality, high class, durable
5. support remote control, can control anywhere with internet

China Electric Stage Curtains

Specification of curtain control system:
Operating voltage: AC 220V/50HZ
Wireless type: 433MHz/ 2.4G 
Power: 75W
lifting force:40kg
protection level:IP41
Torque: 0.8Nm Rotate speed: 112/rpm
Curtain wire close/open speed: 12.5cm/s
Picture show of curtain control system: 
one motor, one track ( length can be customized according to your window/curtain), one remote controller

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